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Good research, experience, and advanced software create the ability to generate new perspectives and solve problems.


​We are a mineral exploration group formed of geoscience life-ers with public savvy & strong legs.


Exploring and finding minerals is what creates success.

We strive to deliver the highest caliber product than anyone else in the industry.  Let our experience, innovation, exploration and mapping solutions provide you with a successful edge.

Scott Close 

M.Sc., P.Geo, President

Following a Masters' degree in Earth Science from Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia, Scott has pursued geologic exploration throughout the world and specializes in creating new opportunities.

Scott's strengths are in project analysis, structural geology & recognizing subtle genetic characteristics that vector toward mineral discoveries.  When not focused on porphyries or copper districts, Scott's current research is on the 'boring billion', a period of time most researchers have ignored for metals, yet during which giant copper systems such as the 18.8 billions pounds of copper produced from Mt. Isa, Australia, and the 15.5 billions pounds of copper and cobalt in the Duluth - Cobalt Districts, Michigan were formed.  There's always more to the story~  

Colter received his Master’s Degree from Montana State University (2017) where he worked on the Tectonic and Stratigraphic Framework of the Mesoproterozoic Belt Basin, within the Helena Embayment.  He is eager to use his education and in depth understanding of Proterozoic basin fill and subsequent deformation events within the Belt-Purcell Basin and identify potential targets for this fast paced exploration company.


Colter has operated several soil campaigns within the Walker Lane region of California/ Nevada and several busy field campaigns in Idaho and Montana. After a stint in the oil patch, he’s thrilled to join Ethos Geological and the team of exceptional professionals.  

Colter Anderson

M.Sc., Project Geologist



Ellie completed her Bachelor's degree in geology from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada, followed by a Masters' degree in Earth Science from the University of Ottawa.


Ellie has extensive experience mapping with government surveys, as well as exploring for gold, copper, diamonds, uranium and other precious metals throughout Canada, including a geochronological study of the Yukon Tanana Terrane, and an advanced gold project in northern BC.

Ellie Knight

M.Sc., Project Geologist



Ben recieved his Bachelors degree in Geology from Montana State University in 2016.


Ben began claim staking, soil sampling, and geologic mapping for Ethos Geological after graduation. Since then, Ben has rapidly developed a growing skill set as a geologist for Ethos Geologiclal while working on numerous projects in the Western United States.

When not on the job or pursuing rocks through sometime unbelievably tough conditions, Ben is on his skiis.

Ben Somps

B.Sc., Geologist



Alex Milton

B.Sc., Geologist



Alex completed his Bachelors degree in Geology from Montana State University. Since his graduation he has worked on gold exploration throughout the Western United States.


Alex is proficient at logging core and chips, geoteching, and early stage geological investigation. Now, Alex is pleased to be working with Ethos Geological on new and exciting exploration projects.

Dark adit to explore?  Sign Alex up.  Long drive in a hot desert?  Alex will do it.  And keep a cool head throughout.

Business Staff

​Kate earned a Bachelors of Arts in English from Montana State University. Finding adventure at every turn in life, some of Kate's most memorable adventures include traveling through Italy working on agricultural farms, helping to build a straw bale home in British Columbia, spearheading a cooperative grocery store in rural Montana, and building an off-grid house with her husband Scott.


Kate's most rewarding endeavor to date is being a mom to two spirited youngsters. When she is not working behind the scenes to ensure smooth operations of the Ethos office, she can be found enjoying the local mountains of Montana with her family and traveling to new places, always searching for the next adventure.

Kate Close

B.Sc., Business Manager



Jackson Rose is a graduate from Montana State University (MSU) and is currently working on a Master’s at MSU in Earth Sciences.

In addition to GIS, Jackson’s research involves the interactions of energy, resource, and community impacts in the Western United States. Jackson has worked with Ethos Geological since 2017 and has helped manage multiple programs in Idaho, Montana, Washington, Oregon, and Nevada. His skill set includes extensive GIS work and in-person community relations related to operating mines and exploration projects.

Jackson Rose

B.Sc., Operations



Travis recived his Bachlors degree in Sociology and Statistics for Montana state University.


Travis is fascinated by the mechanics of organizations: the “why’s” behind a company’s decision; “how’s” of their process in relation to their service, product, core values or employees; and their positive or negative effects. Combined, this curiosity and experience have allowed Travis to discover a passion for creating customer relationships through education, communication and a quality brand.

Travis Collins 

B.Sc., Land Man



Zac received a degree in Resource Conservation and GIS from the University of Montana. He has 15 fifteen years of experience working with GIS; planning and managing a wide assortment of GIS projects including cartography, digitizing, data conversion, spatial analyses, modelling, database management, and training support.


Zac works to educate both the public and government municipalities on sharing GIS data for the betterment of a greater spatial community.

Zac Collins 

B.Sc., GIS Analyst



Kesslie is actively pursuing a Bachelors degree in Geospatial and Environmental Analysis with a Resource minor.


While pursuing her degree she worked with state envrionmental agencies to further her proficiency in surveying, mapping, and remote sensing technologies, all with an emphasis on GIS applications. Her experience ranges from field data collection and integration, to database construction and cartography. Kesslie strives for cartographic perfection and excellence in data stewardship.

Kesslie Carlson-Ham
GIS Technician



info@ethosgeo.com     Bozeman, MT    call 1-833-GEOPHYS (436-7497)

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