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Weed mapping & pest control

We utilize unique drone surveys- hyperspectral imaging- that measures a broad spectrum of light reflected from the earth's surface to map out weeds and damaged crops and other plants.

This technology is fast, effective, high resolution, and lower cost than other plant mapping methods.

The analysis is highly customizable.  Accurately calculating the acreage covered by a certain weed?  No problem.  What weeds are present, and where?  Easy.  Monitoring the distribution of weeds before and after a growing season or the application of a spray?  Absolutley.

Our weed mapping solution allows you and your organization to easily visualize the distribution of weeds and pest-affected plants, target specific areas with weed and pest reduction measures, and monitor their change over time.

Crop counting & yield potential

How much yield will your crops have?  What happens to the yield if you have unusual weather?  Did the yield go up or down with a change in your management practices?

We provide accurate, precise crop counts and volume estimates of crop yields by utilizing hyperspectral imaging equipment suspended from enterprise-class agriculture drones.

This analysis is fast and effective-  quickly delineating counts and volumes so that you can accurately forecast yields, counts, and monitor the effects of management practices to gain more control over your future.

Water stress & leak detection

Managing water can be difficult, time consuming and costly.

We utilize infrared cameras and hyperspectral imaging suspended from enterprise-class agriculture drones to map the NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) and other water content indicators of the soil and plants in small to large, and extremely large fields.

This analysis is fast and effective-  quickly delineating areas requiring attention so that plants can be healthier, crop yields can be higher, and efforts spent managing water can be optimized and significantly reduced.

Detailed aerial imagery, contours & elevation maps of your land

Managing the roads, waters, reservoirs and other assets on your ranch or farm can be very time consuming.  

What maps are you using for planning?  Did you know that Google and other imagery providers range from 3-7 years out of date, and have limited resolution?

We can quickly and easily create high resolution, very precise maps of your ranch and farmland so you can have the most accurate and recent information possible to make informed decisions with confidence.     Bozeman, MT    call 1-833-GEOPHYS (436-7497)

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