Drone Magnetics Survey

Resolve mysteries

at depth & under cover

​What is an aerial magnetics survey?


Rock types have varying contents of magnetic minerals.  Our surveys use this magnetism to map the spatial geometry of bodies of rock, and the presence of faults and folds, especially useful where bedrock is obscured by surface sand, soil, water, or vegetation.

​How does it work?


Our drones suspend a highly sensitive potassium-oscillating magnetic sensor, fly continuously without pausing for measurements, and build you a magnetic anomaly map from data collected at the spacing necessary for your project.  With air speeds ranging from 5 to 40 mph, we can cover up to 800 acres/day.  

What are some uses for aeromagnetics?

  • Mineral Exploration

    • Gold, Silver, Copper, Cobalt, Diamonds, Iron-ore and more

  • Mapping geologic structures, contacts, alteration zones, and associated intrusions

  • Surveying man-made structures, power lines, pipelines and other buried features

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