Mining & Mineral Exploration

Reporting, permitting & land management

NI 43-101 Technical Reports

Drill Permits

Environmental impact studies

Mining claim filings

Landowner agreements

Excellence is at the core of everything we do, every sample we collect, and every document we produce.   We know that our information conttributes to your future success, which means we file on time, connect with local and federal agencies, are familiar with detailed rules and regulations, create accurate paperwork, and execute with precision to ensure you are confident in everything we handle from permitting to lands management.


Our work reflects your brand.  Our level of effort and technical acumen doesn't just meet your expectations- we unlock opportunity.

Detailed field mapping

Volcanic terrain, endless sedimentary rocks, or complicated intrusion suites, we've got you covered.

Our exploration geologists focus on description-based alteration, structural and mineral mapping to create digital datasets that support a variety of- and often changing- interpretations.  As your understanding of a mineral systems evolves, our data evolves with you and continues to provide relevant information.

We are experienced and familiar with a range of deposit styles and metals, including:

porphyry, epithermal, volcanogenic massive sulphide (VMS), sedimentary exhalative and replacement (sedex / sedrep), iron-oxide-copper-gold (iocg), stratiform, and more.

Remote drill programs

Familiar with helicopter-based and remote drill programs, we can bring you good core recovery with lightweight drills from extremely hard-to-access locations.

We will organize, manage, and execute effective drill campaigns for core, RC and RAB drilling.  

Whether a few hundred feet or few hundred meters down, our quality contractors understand that good recovery and efficient drilling are paramount to your success and discovery.

Sampling difficult locations

High temperatures, steep terrain, underground, no access.   We've got you covered.

We can help design and execute gridded soil sampling, channel sampling, mine adit sampling.

All samples are recorded in field logs with data supplied in near real-time so that each result and assay provides value.

Providing the confidence you need to make decisions from usable data, every sample counts.

Staking mining claims

No collection of land is too big, too remote, too steep, or too much for us to handle.

We've physically located mining claims over 7,000 acres in the U.S.A., and over 120,000 hectares across several provinces in Canada.

Current with all local and federal rules and regulations, we work in any jurisdiction legally, professionally, and accurately.

We also have a system for filing and maintaining your claim packages on time and with precision so your land rights are kept up - to - date and in perfect order to protect your valid claim.

Detailed contours, aerial imagery & elevation basemaps

More effective exploration requires better information while reducing cost.

Our drone surveys produce high resolution basemap products like contours, digital terrain models (DEM / DTM), aerial imagery, orthomosaics, and accurate point clouds of the earth's surace.

Our drones can operate in remote areas, inclement weather and cover a lot of ground to generate precision products for you and your GIS team.

Mineral mapping- from the air

Quickly and accurately fingerprint alteration assemblages and map mineral deposits from the AIR.   

Using our hyperspectral drone survey, we can fly over any terrain and generate mineral maps that can fingerprint different geological units and overprinting alteration.

With or without vegetation, our analysis is able to create detailed mineral maps that enable you to quickly create exploration intelligence and informed decisions-  saving you money and time.

3D deposit & resource modeling

Drafting and analyzing data in 3D is as much art as science.  The resulting products need to accurately and precisely convey the correct information to investors, mining engineers, and exploration geologists while assimilating a variety of data.

Our modelling process uses sound statistical analysis derived from your internal dataset as well as mined resources, combining any  local geological tenants unique to your deposits with parameters encountered from processed mines to produce realistic resource evaluations.


This means everyone on your team can count on a robust model, reduce risk, and closely refine mining expectations without surprise.

Additionally, our product also enables for confident forecasting and future discovery- extending mine life and increasing value.     Bozeman, MT    call 1-833-GEOPHYS (436-7497)

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