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BC Permits and Reporting Timeline Guide

Exploration geologists must comply with the BC Ministry of Mines' permitting and reporting regulations.

Mnya requirements are typically annual, and for any given exploration project commencing each summer, would comprise the following:

March 31, Current Year

-->Single year or Multi-year Notice of Work submission [Abbreviated NOW, MYAB NOW, or MX NOW]-->Emergency Response Plan to include with NOW report and as procedure on-site-->Chance Find Procedure also to include with NOW report and as procedure on-site-->Annual Free-Use Permit for timber cutting authorization up to 50 cubic metres/year

7 Days prior to exploration startup-->Notify BC Ministry of exploration commencement

7 Days prior to exploration shutdown-->Notify BC Ministry of exploration close

March 31, Following Year

-->Property Assessment Report Submission Guidelines here-->Annual Summary of Exploration Activities [ASEA] submission-->Mutli-Year Annual Update [MYAB Update] form is typically included with NOW permit-->Archaeological Overview Assessments upon request-->Renew Annual Free-Use Permit for timber cutting authorization up to 50 cubic metres/year *Other Mineral Tenure Holding Requirements

-->Statement of Work (SOW) filings for application of work expenditures to mineral tenure holding costs (these do not apply to filing fees, unfortunately).  The statements of work inform the mineral titles office of the exploration work and expenditures as applied to specific mineral tenures.  This report is NOT the same as a NOW, MYAB, or ASEA.  Detailed information for tenure management and guide/deadlines can also be found here.

Due the earlier of:1) Within one year of exploration season, or,2) Prior to the mineral tenure expiry dates on which the exploration work was conducted. Note! SOWs trigger a 90 day deadline for assessment reporting submission!


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