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Ethos Adds to the Family: Drone Hyperspectral and Magnetic Geophysics Surveys!

Determined to find deposits at depth or under cover, we're engaging new tools in our arsenal that will help us accelerate the pace of mineral exploration and discovery: drones.

We've spent the last few years waiting for right union of unmanned aircraft ("UAV") capabilities, geophysics tool minification, and positive metals/mining market conditions. The time has finally arrived:

We seek to inspire confidence, lower risk, and deliver success; our new drone programs are designed with your and your shareholders' interests in mind.

One of Ethos' greatest skills is project generation and recognizing geologic opportunites for our clients. Combined with our experience in the field, our new surveys will help reduce cost, lower risk, and speed the pace of exploration by providing critical intellegence that is otherwise difficult and expensive to perform in remote areas at high resolution.

Our fleet includes drones with automatic collision avoidance, return-to-home intelligence, and an IP43 rating... which means we can confidently fly in high winds, freezing temperatures, and wet weather.

Ethos' current aerial drone-based survey offerings include:

  1. Magnetic anomaly mapping

  2. Hyperspectral imaging (ranging from 400nm-2500nm, a full VNIR-SWIR suite)

  3. Aerial imagery: orthoimagery, mapping, videos

  4. Digital elevation models: surface and terrain mapping

Here are few statistics on our surveys:

Coverage: On average, we can cover 400-640 acres / day

Resolution: 2.0 to 30cm (hyperspec and aerial), 2.0m to 10m (magnetics)

Licensing: USA, Canada

Flight Altitude: 20 to 150m above surface

Flight Speeds: 5 to 40mph ( 8 kph to 64 kph)

Survey Costs: Various, from $5/line-km

Mineral Exploration Solutions

Mineral exploration, alteration fingerprinting ( iron, clay, carbonates, chlorites, sulphides, sulphates ), structural analysis, at surface and to depth, water pH, mining volume estimation, surface disturbance

Mineral Deposits

Porphyry, epithermal, iocg, sedimentary / sedex, vms

Agricultural Solutions

Crop health, water content, soil pH, spray coverage, mg/ca/fe content, vegetation and wildlife species counts

Civil Engineering Solutions

Ice damning, construction, roof / greenspace / pavement monitoring, insurance reporting, engineering inspection, planning, real estate

Learn more on our website or call us at 1-833-GEOPHYS today!


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