Field mapping tablet that provides you with a mobile GIS viewing and data collection platform.  Collect structural orientations, magnetic readings, geotagged photos, outcrop and sample data, and more using several handy apps and our form-based GIS mapping solutions.

Mobile GIS Mapping Tablet [Basic]

  • 1.7 Ghz Quadcore CPU packs a powerful punch with the latest Android operating system on an 8.3" touchscreen tablet that runs a complete mobile GIS platform [QGIS], a magnetometer, compass, internal GPS using both USA and GLONASS Russian satellites, daylight-bright screen, expandable 64 Gb micro SD card slot, and carries the popular micro USB charging and 1/8" standard audio jack ports. Front (2 MP) and rear (5 MP) HD cameras complete the mobile mapping ensemble. Fast, slick, portable, pocketable, mobile, and inexpensive.     Bozeman, MT    call 1-833-GEOPHYS (436-7497)

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